I createeditwritemashupdrawtranslate content on the Internet

I actually do a lot, yeah. On this website you can check out my work and more.
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- Hey, I'm Bastbra!

Creator with a wide range of things (take this seriously!). I publish some of my work on YouTube and I am also active on many other platforms and try to upload my content frequently. Whether creating or editing video or photo material, writing articles, translating plugins, themes, creating mashups, music, drawing art and more, there is something for almost everyone. Maybe I have something that appeals to you, too! On this website you can get a small insight. I also answer frequently asked questions and other relevant things. :)



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My skills On

I have listed my skills here.
It's not everything, but the "most" important stuff.

Video Editing

Video editing is great fun for me, which is why I spend a lot of my time regularly at editing and creating videos. Thereby I edit the different kinds of videos, but I upload the most of them on my channel. Also audio editing.

Photo Editing

An essential part of video editing is also photo editing, which I also enjoy just as much. Here I mainly focus on meme images and other image editing. A few of them are posted on my social media.

Articles / Websites

I manage some content websites, too. On these websites I also publish articles and let other members publish their content written for the website. You can find a few of them in the showcase tab. Since 2017.


I'm translating plugins, themes and more. For example, as an global translation editor I translate for WordPress and approve translations from other users. I am also a big fan of WordPress by the way.

My Portfolio

A small insight into my activities online
I'm always trying to become better at it!

I create and edit memes to post them e.g. on Reddit

I create some videos on my YouTube channel like this

My translations, for example on my wordpress.org profile page

I post articles, reviews and more on my website Comicschau

I design thumbnails, logos and more for myself and others

I post satire wiki entries on the german Dullypedia

I'm not a professional illustrator, but from time to time I draw some art.

I also do visuals for existing music like the Coffin Dance Megamashup

Get in touch

You can contact me here. I try to answer within 7 days. It doesn’t always work, but mostly. Business requests only.