FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


+ Can I contact you?

Yes! Yes, you can. There are different ways to do that. If you have business questions, please use the contact button on the menu and contact me on the linked form there. If you don't have business questions, you can contact me via Discord. Just join my server and ask me there. Click here to join.

+ Where can I find you?

I linked all my social media accounts at the end of this site as icons. So if you want to follow me there or what ever. But I want to admit I'm not that active everywhere. For example, I'm not the most active user on Soundcloud, but on YouTube, Twitter etc. I am kind of active. Not posting every day, but I'm around.

+ Why do you create videos, images etc.?

Creating and editing things is quite fun. And why should I just create it and nothing more? So I upload it and enjoy the feedback from you.

+ How can I support you?

If you really want to support me, you can follow me everywhere and if you want to spend money... you can tip me money, sub on Twitch or donate on Patreon for example. I really appreciate your support, but you don't have to do this.

+ Can I hire you for something?

Yes, you can contact me via the contact form, but the easiest way is to hire me on Fiverr. Just click here.

+ Can I reupload your videos?

No, please don’t do that. I’m not fine with reuploading my videos and this maybe have consequences like strikes, claims etc. If you edit my videos and create a full new video out of it, that’s fine! But for example 1:1 reuploads, 1 hours verions, bass boosting, compilations etc. aren’t okay. If you have questions on that, just ask on my Discord server. I'm glad to answer you there :)

+ Name your programs!

Scroll down the page and at the bottom of it there's a list with stuff like that. Some programs, specs and tips.


+ What's the story behind the fox and your name?

I think this stories aren't that great, I just like foxes since... forever? And my nickname has another story I can't tell you today. Maybe next time. If I will ever update this question again.

+ What is your favorite game?

Answering this questions isn't that hard at all, my favorite game is Night in the Woods (you should play it!). Another great game is Pikuniku, I also recommend it. Also, there are some more games I liked to play. And no, I'm not playing games like Counter Strike or Fortnite, sorry.

+ What are your favorite forms of art?

Art has many ways to show up. Videos are art, too. And images, drawings, animations, music, edits, games. So yeah, I think i like them all. If they are good. You know...?

+ What are you doing in your freetime?

Never heard of that word before. I don't know what you mean, sorry.

+ What music do you listen to?

Good question, but I can't provide a specific answer. I listen to a lot of music and I like the single tracks more than the specific artists behind it. But there also are some artists I like to listen to generally.

+ Do you stream on Twitch or something like that?

Yes, but unfortunately I'm streaming in german and not in english at the moment. If you like the gameplay or my editing sessions, of course, you can join the livestream, even if you don't understand german. To follow me there just click on the Twitch icon below.

+ Do you read every comment?

At the moment yes. But I don't know how long I can keep doing this.


+ Can I advertise something together with you?

Depends on your product, I only accept if I like it. So, just drop me a message on Twitter and maybe we will make a collaboration in the future.

+ Can you translate my x or y?

Maybe! Most of the time I translate plugins or themes for WordPress, but just ask me on Fiverr or use the contact form for it if you want that I translate it.

+ Something else?

Contact me on Fiverr or Twitter to ask for it. I will try to answer as soon as possible.


+ Software

Editing: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, Reaper, Pixlr and more; Game services: Steam, Epic Games, Itch.io; Browser: Firefox (main), Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer; Livestreaming: OBS, Tipeeestream; Messenger: Discord, WhatsApp

+ Audio

Microphone: Rode NT-USB; Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT-990 PRO; Recording: OBS, Audacity


+ My question isn't here.

Oh. If you want me to answer your question. join my discord and ask me. It's so easy!